I Need an Exit Plan

I Need an Exit Plan : Book 2

If I agreed to fight, it would have to be an all or nothing attempt; full commitment. I'd have to trust in myself, my allies and my friends like never before. It felt like my head was spinning and the words Mary spoke were just confetti in the wind. I responded as best my besieged mind could manage.

Having defeated Shilpah the rakshasa, he started Exit Plan as a security consultancy. But after a harrowing encounter with a vampire thrall, the narrator is left alone to ponder his fate.
Following up on the mysterious Beatrice, he finds his friend Heidi, whom he had thought dead. As before, nothing is as easy as it seems and the demon Margardiel is less than pleased.
I Need an Exit Plan is the second book in the Exit Plan story adapted from the audio drama podcast of the same name available at gravityundone.net.

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