This Is My Exit Plan

I thought they were a pile of junk when I first got them. Then they seemed a door to a new life and a new way of living. Now, they feel like an albatross about my neck. I made myself a part of their crime and so I have been cursed. I must confront my fate. I have a plan, it isn't a good one, but it is a plan.

A man faces a deadly confrontation with unknown forces. He collects his journals and publishes them online in an effort to tell his unbelievable story of magic and monsters.

When he rescues Jennifer McCormac from certain death he feels like a saint. That feeling soon crumbles as his ego and newfound powers lead him down a destructive path on which he awakens to his foolishness too late.

This Is My Exit Plan is the first book in the Exit Plan story adapted from the audio drama podcast of the same name available at

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