What is My Exit Plan

What is My Exit Plan : Book 3

"I can’t go home until I’ve found the moon. I made a commitment and I won’t break it.” I felt it too. In saying the words, I knew them to be as true as my own existence. My quest was bigger than my fear and wider than my doubts. “My life for the most part has been unexceptional, unless you consider mediocrity to be the exception. I get this chance to make a difference, to enhance the lives of everyone else.

Caught up in the wicked machinations of the demon Margardiel, he begins fighting back. But after his first attempt at exorcism fails, his friends are scattered and he is wanted in connection with a terrorist attack, the unnamed owner of Exit Plan must devise a new plan.

He learns more about demons and about himself, but will it be enough to take on what seems an impossible task? To imprison Margardiel he must extract her from the souls of an unknown number of possessed before a new demon is born out of the conflict engulfing Australia.

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